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What Makes The UK Safe For Young Learners? Meet The Experts At StudyWorld

What makes the UK safe for young learners? Meet the experts at StudyWorld

Accredited education providers in the UK follow strict safeguarding rules, to make sure young students under 18 are safe.

What is safeguarding for under 18s?

Safeguarding is the process of protecting children. It covers areas including:

  • Online safety, photo sharing, and cyber bullying
  • Identifying signs of self-harm, mental health issues or abuse
  • Appropriate staff, accommodation and class arrangements
  • Safe activities and risk assessments
  • Rules and curfew times to make sure students stay safe in their spare time
  • Parental consent and emergency contact details

What do agents need to know?

It is important that agents understand safeguarding rules in the UK so they can tell group leaders, parents and students what to expect.  

All accredited UK providers that teach under 18s have their own safeguarding policy. You should ask to see this policy before you enrol students in a course, to give you a clear understanding of the rules.

How can I get safeguarding advice at StudyWorld?

At StudyWorld, agents can book a one-to-one meeting with our safeguarding expert, who will answer your questions and can discuss specific situations affecting your students. When StudyWorld meeting scheduling begins in July, request a meeting with English UK’s safeguarding expert.

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