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How To Make The Most Of StudyWorld’s Meeting Scheduler

How to make the most of StudyWorld’s meeting scheduler

You can start preparing your profile to book one-to-one business meetings for StudyWorld this September. Make sure to book your place for the event now so you can make the best connections to help your business grow.

StudyWorld’s meeting scheduler gives you full details about other delegates, so you can meet contacts that are important to you at the best time for you. You can start booking meetings on Tuesday 16 July, which means it’s time to start thinking about your StudyWorld goals.

StudyWorld uses an easy-to-use meetings software known as Marcom eSchedule PRO. To make the most of your profile and meeting scheduler, here are top tips from StudyWorld organiser Siobhán Small.

Spend time on your profile to make the best impression

Your profile is the first thing potential partners will see, so it is important to make sure it reflects you well.

When you receive your login details on Thursday 11 July, make sure you write a clear and detailed description that explains what you offer or what you are looking for. Communicate your quality and reliability at every step: watch out for errors and typos and make every sentence count.

Be sure to add a high quality photo to show that you are friendly and professional, and so everyone knows who they are meeting! Take some time to get it right – a good profile means a good impression before the event starts.

Make a plan and set goals

As StudyWorld Commercial Director Tim Barker emphasised in How to make the most of a B2B event, preparation is crucial.

Before you start sending appointment requests, think about your goals for the event and get up-to-date with the latest research. What markets are you seeking to grow? Which relationships do you need to strengthen? How will StudyWorld help you meet your recruitment objectives or plant seeds for future years? Planning is a sure-fire way to get the best out of StudyWorld.

Filter your search and be selective

Now you have your goals, it is time to find the right contacts to help achieve them.

Use the advanced search button to narrow your search down to specialist providers or delegates from a specific region. Lots of people forget this function is there.

Read the profile properly before sending a meeting request. Is this really the best person for you to meet at StudyWorld? Do they match what you’re looking for?

A couple of empty slots can be useful later

Don’t fall into the trap of making a meeting just to fill a slot.

You might need those empty slots closer to the event. Or maybe you’ll meet someone at the bar on day one that you want to make a meeting with on day two.

42 meetings slots can fill up quickly

Scheduling will begin on Tuesday 16 July. Your schedule will include 42 slots for one-to-one meetings. Each meeting is 20 minutes long with a bell to signal the end. It sounds a lot, but they can fill up quickly!

Keep an eye out in case a delegate’s schedule start to fill up. There is a small square beside their name on the list view – if half of it is blue, their appointments are filling up and you may need to get your request to them quickly. If it is all blue, they are fully booked.

If you do miss out on a meeting, try and catch your contact during lunch and networking sessions. Or if your schedule fills up too quickly, book in a colleague on a meeting pass to reach more partners.

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