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We look forward to you joining us online at StudyWorld. Find out more about how the seminars and one-to-one meetings are organised below.

Contact the team if you have any questions about your participation.

One-to-one meetings

Marcom eSchedule PRO

Marcom eSchedule PRO is our chosen web-based meeting scheduling system which participants will use to schedule their meetings prior to the event. You can schedule up to 44 meetings over two days.

The system is extremely user-friendly as it follows a traditional approach:

  • You view/search/filter the list of participants and send meeting requests to those you want to meet.
  • Contacted participants receive an email and your name is added to their list of meeting requests received.
  • When a participant schedules a meeting with you, you receive an email and your online schedule is updated.
  • You will also receive meeting requests from other participants interested in meeting with you.
  • You schedule meetings with participants you are interested in meeting and decline other requests.
  • Prior to the event you can export your schedule to PDF and print it.

> Read more about making the most of your meetings

Scheduling your meetings

For detailed information on how to schedule meetings, useful features and frequently asked questions, please read the ‘Getting started’ guidance on Marcom eSchedule PRO. To find it:

1. Log in to your Marcom eSchedule PRO account
2. Click on ‘My schedule’
3. Click on Getting Started & FAQ at the top of the page.

Adjusting your time zone

The default time zone used on Marcom eSchedule PRO is GMT.

You can display the meeting times in your local time zone. This will make it easier for you to see which meeting slots are most convenient for you. To do this:

1. Log in to your Marcom eSchedule PRO account
2. Click on ‘My profile’
3. Edit your local timezone.

You can then block the meeting slots that are outside of your usual working hours or are during your night time (see instructions below).

Blocking meeting slots

Meeting sessions will run from 07:00 – 19:00. If any of the meeting times are not convenient for you, please block these slots in advance. This will prevent anyone from accidentally scheduling a meeting with you at a time you are not available. To do this:

1. Log in to your Marcom eSchedule PRO account
2. Click on ‘My schedule’
3. Click on the ‘block meeting’ icon in the actions section, next to the time slot you wish to block.

Conducting your meeetings

Your meetings will be conducted using Zoom in Marcom eSchedule PRO. Ensure the Zoom programme is downloaded and functioning on the device you wish to use before starting your meetings. Users in certain countries (e.g. China) may wish to activate a VPN beforehand.

For detailed instructions on testing Zoom, starting your meetings and top tips, please read the ‘Zoom guide’ document on Marcom eSchedule PRO. To find it:

1. Log in to your Marcom eSchedule PRO account
2. Click on ‘My schedule’
3. Click on Zoom Guide at the top of the page.

If you cannot attend a meeting

Please endeavour to attend all the meetings on your schedule. If for whatever reason you cannot attend a meeting, please cancel the meeting in advance. If the meeting has already started please contact the StudyWorld team. You don’t want a person waiting in a Zoom meeting on their own!

Reporting no-shows

If the person you are scheduled to meet does not attend your meeting and you are unaware of the reason, you can report the person as a ‘no-show’.

To report a no-show, view your schedule in Marcom eSchedule PRO. Click on the no-show (ghost) icon in the Actions bar next to the meeting.

The no-show icon appears next to the meeting after five minutes. This is to allow the person a reasonable amount of time to join the meeting and to prevent one from reporting a no-show the moment a person doesn’t show up.

Can a colleague join my meeting?

Yes. There are two ways you can do this:

1. If only one participant is listed in Marcom eSchedule PRO and has a schedule, the first participant can share his/her username and password with his/her colleague. They can then log into the account and click on the Zoom meeting link at the same time.

2. If the first participant does not want to share his/her username and password but only the Zoom meeting link, he/she will be able to do so after launching the Zoom meeting. You can find the “Invite Link” in the meeting information.

Need help?

The English UK team and Marcom Connect will be available during the meeting sessions to offer technical and event support. Use the live support function from within your Marcom eSchedule PRO account to request assistance.

Seminars (online)

All seminars will take place on Zoom on Tuesday.

To access the seminars:

1. Log in to your Marcom eSchedule PRO account
2. Visit the ‘Seminars’ section to view the programme
3. Add the seminars you would like to attend to your schedule in advance.

The camera icon and link to access the seminars will go live five minutes before the start of the seminar.

Seminars will be interactive, and we encourage you to take part by commenting and asking questions.

If you are speaking or presenting at StudyWorld, download and review our Speaker Guidance. > Download Speaker Guidance.


Ensure the Zoom programme is downloaded and functioning on the device you wish to use before seminars start.

All participants will be muted. If you wish to make a comment or ask a question, open the Attendee list and click Raise hand. The host will then invite you to speak and will unmute your microphone. Please remember to Lower hand once you have spoken or if you no longer wish to comment. If you prefer to send in a written question, question use the Q&A function at the bottom of your screen.

Use Zoom’s Chat function to communicate with the host and panellists, but please do not submit questions using this feature.

We request that no recordings or screenshots of the conference are taken and shared on social media in order to respect the privacy of the participants.


We will use Mentimeter, an audience engagement platform, to ask the audience questions and to launch interactive live polls. It will be easy for you to join in and we encourage you to take part. More information will be given to you on the day.

Pre-recorded seminars

A selection of seminars will be available for you to watch at your own convenience during the event. The links to access these seminars will be made available in the ‘Seminars’ section of Marcom eSchedule PRO.

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