Fam trips

Fam trips give selected agents first-hand experience of your institution – the facilities, location, teachers, etc. – to help them promote your institution accurately and with confidence.

Benefits of Fam trips for agents include:

•    Better course/programme knowledge
•    Improved destination knowledge
•    Networking
•    Greater credibility with their potential students/clients.

For agents

Details of 2017 Fam trips and how to apply to participate will be published here soon. Agents registered for StudyWorld 2017 will receive updates by email.

For UK institutions/groups interested in organising a StudyWorld Fam trip

Fam trip organisers are responsible for the itinerary, duration, institutions visited and social activities included in the trip. They have full control over which agents to accept.

1.    Send details of your trip to info@studyworldfair.com

Please include the following:
–    trip name, dates and destination(s)
–    institutions to visit
–    contact name and email address
–    who is eligible to attend, e.g. agents from specific markets or specialising in certain programmes
–    what the trip includes
–    participation fee (if applicable)
–    website link to more information or PDF document to download (optional)

2.    Agents interested in the trip will email you directly to apply. You can choose whether to accept or decline the application.

Fam trips can be added to the StudyWorld website at any time though we recommend that trips are planned and published on the website before the end of April to maximise participation.