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Questions about how the UK looks after students under 18? Book an appointment at the safeguarding clinic

The UK has some of the world’s strictest rules on looking after under-18s, covering everything from teachers and carers to risk assessments. This means learning in the UK is a very safe experience for young students. But parents, agents and even educators sometimes have questions about how safeguarding works.

Everyone can have their questions answered at StudyWorld by English UK’s safeguarding experts Nigel Heritage and Kevin O’Donnell on Tuesday and Wednesday. You can book appointments with them on Marcom eSchedule PRO, or visit their table if they’re free.

“We’re delighted to be at StudyWorld for the safeguarding clinic, and we’re looking forward to answering questions about young learners from UK providers or their international partners. We’re happy to meet anyone and talk about anything,” said Nigel.

Kevin added: “It’s a constantly evolving area as it responds to new concerns. Online safety is a big area now. Also, over the next few years I think providers will pay greater attention to transgender issues. Our aim through the clinic is to help educators and their partners understand how to work together to safeguard young learners. We welcome anyone at StudyWorld who has questions regarding young learners, vulnerable adults, inspection criteria, and safeguarding in general. We look forward to meeting you.”

The pair run popular training sessions for English UK members on safeguarding and are expert UK laws and British Council inspection criteria on care of the under-18s.

Nigel, who stresses that they will offer practical safeguarding suggestions, adds: “We’re expecting questions about police checks for group leaders, curfew times, risk assessments, parental consent, suitable accommodation – anything at all about how to look after under-18s as safely as possible. Please come and see us. It’s so important to get safeguarding right.”

Got a question? Why not book your Safeguarding Clinic session with Nigel and Kevin today.




Siobhan Baccas

Siobhán, our events manager, manages all operations and logistics for English UK's UK-based events.

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