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Is education ready for the future needs of the labour market?

Our world is in constant change. Many of the jobs our young students will come to fill in 2025 and onwards, don’t even exist yet. This means we need to revolutionise how and what students learn, says Spencer Fordham, co-founder of Capital School of English, Bournemouth, and Angharad Holloway, head of one of the UK’s leading girls’ schools, Talbot Heath.

In their StudyWorld seminar, these two forward thinking educators will present recent research and how it has transformed their programmes to change the way students think, learn and collaborate using the English language.

“The whole teaching and learning landscape is going through dramatic changes, and at a pace never seen before, to keep up with the demands of the IT revolution,” says Spencer.

“And we need to prepare students for the competitiveness of the international and global environment,” adds Angharad.

This is a must-attend session for anyone who recognises the critical need to develop, nurture and equip the future work force. View the full seminar timetable to block off time to attend.

There are no meeting appointments during the keynote address at midday on Tuesday, so be sure to hear Gavin Esler, one of the UK’s most respected and well-known journalists and broadcasters, illuminate the benefits of international education to both individuals and their nations, highlighting why this is vital at a time of international uncertainty and instability.

Siobhan Baccas

Siobhán, our events manager, manages all operations and logistics for English UK's UK-based events.

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