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Our guide to UK education: Summer centres

What are they? Courses, aimed at under-18s travelling in groups or alone, which usually last for one or two weeks and take place in the peak holiday period.
What do they offer? Everything from leadership through to drama and sports, with an emphasis on English teaching. Some courses focus on English, with sports, leisure activities or sightseeing for part of the day. Others focus on other learning or skills, improving students’ English as part of that. Summer centre courses are often based in UK boarding schools, which combine accommodation and great facilities.
Which providers am I likely to meet at StudyWorld? English UK member centres offer almost 300 summer courses for juniors – find many of them here. Some providers focus entirely on summer centres, others run courses in addition to their year-round school.

Case history: Fettes Centre for Language & Culture

FCLC Edinburgh opened in 2006 and its programme is aimed at 10-13 and 14-17 year olds, with English lessons in the mornings and cultural activities in the afternoons. It is based in the buildings and grounds of Fettes College in Edinburgh, runs for six weeks each summer, and attracted students from 21 different nationalities last year.

“The students can come for a two or three-week programme, which is residential on campus here and we’re very lucky that we can use most of the facilities at Fettes College. Most students are European, and many are regulars who return year after year. China is a growing market for us,” says Jay Buckham, Head of Business Development for Fettes Enterprises.

He is a regular at StudyWorld and is looking forward to this year’s event, with its different ways to attend. “StudyWorld is very useful for us. I’ve found seeing agents and clients year on year is great – you are not only having meetings with people but there are great opportunities to speak at other times, such as lunches, networking events and seminars. You recognise faces and the business opportunities build naturally. I like meeting clients in that way – it gives you a good opportunity to showcase your school.”

“I am really looking forward to the new format of StudyWorld 2017 as a lot of hard work has gone into it by the team at English UK. In my opinion the flexible booking options are a fantastic idea as it allows everybody to attend in a way that would suit them best. I’m looking forward the new venue too. I am excited for this September at StudyWorld 2017.”

Siobhan Baccas

Siobhán, our events manager, manages all operations and logistics for English UK's UK-based events.

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