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StudyWorld review: what happened in 2017?

In 2017 StudyWorld transformed in the major annual trade event for UK education. The event moved to the iconic Queen Elizabeth II Centre in Westminster and over 750 delegates attended.

As well as a prestigious central London venue and a new focus on the UK, changes included special delegations, increased flexibility for attendees, and support from the Department for International Trade. As a result, the event attracted a government minister and a peer to give major speeches, as well as MPs’ visits.

Over 750 delegates from 60 countries attended, including large groups from China and the Gulf region. There were almost 6,000 appointments over the two days of meetings. Educators enjoyed new options to attend; they could join with or without a table, with or without a meeting schedule, for one or more days.

Educators were able to take advantage of this flexibility in different ways, with a group of universities attending for one day and groups creating their own eye-catching villages. “It’s a great new dawn for the promotion of British education around the world,” said Kevin McNally of Torquay International School. “It’s a prime location with great facilities and shows the world what we have to offer.”

The new format also included a formal speech at the welcome reception, two days of professional seminars, and keynotes and a panel discussion during the day on Tuesday.

Journalist and university chancellor Gavin Esler urged a packed hall of delegates to be passionate about education and use their public trust to help make a better world in his keynote speech. Lord Bilimoria, himself a former international student and a passionate advocate for the benefits of international education, visited StudyWorld on two of the three days. He addressed the welcome reception about the benefit to the UK and the world for students coming here to learn, adding: “What you do for our country is brilliant: education is great.”

Conferences such as StudyWorld allow us to come together to champion the importance of education in creating a more stable, fair and prosperous world. There’s no greater prize than that.

Who came?

There were 750+ participants, from 60 countries and 57 markets, of whom:

  • 33 from 14 Chinese cities
  • 15 from Saudi Arabia
  • 110 new to StudyWorld
  • 25 from universities or further education providers
  • 10 associations were represented.

What did they do?

  • Held 6,000 meetings over two days
  • Held meetings at tables and booths
  • Networked throughout the day and into evening receptions
  • Attended up to 11 hours of industry-focused seminars and CPD
  • Heard a keynote speech from Gavin Esler

What did they like?

Lots of things, particularly the venue, but feedback in 2017 highlighted the:

  • Relaxed atmosphere
  • The Gulf and Embassy zones
  • Flexible passes

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