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Continued professional development: included for everyone

At StudyWorld, we are united by our passion for education and our free industry seminars are an important part of the experience.

Start your StudyWorld experience on Monday with seminars from industry experts and top speakers. Our seminar programme is open to all delegates and covers all aspects of international education, including trends, forecasting, student care, export and marketing tips and much more.

Monday’s seminars take place from around midday to the early evening.

How to add seminars to your meeting schedule

To add seminars to your meeting schedule, log into Marcom eSchedule PRO and navigate to seminars in the blue bar. There you use the plus button to add the sessions to your schedule.

Note – adding sessions to your schedule will not automatically block the time slot!

Tuesday and Wednesday’s seminars run during meeting hours. So if there is a session you definitely want to attend, remember to block out the relevant meeting slots in your schedule to avoid double booking with a meeting. There are no meeting slots during the keynote speaker.

StudyWorld 2019 keynote speaker

Tim Marshall

International news editor and author Tim Marshall will be our StudyWorld 50 keynote speaker this September.

In a distinguished career as a journalist and broadcaster, Tim will bring thirty years’ experience in reporting on current affairs to bear on our international education industry.

Tim will address StudyWorld delegates at midday on Tuesday 3 September with an entertaining and insightful session. There are no meeting slots during the keynote, so everyone can enjoy what promises to be a stimulating take on world events. read more +

StudyWorld seminars 2019

Nicola Lutz

Managing remote sales teams with Nicola Lutz

The techniques, technology and skills we can use in managing our sales force that aren’t always in the office will be the focus of this session.

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Young-Learners-English UK

Agents: useful things to look for when choosing a school for juniors with Young Learners English UK

An interactive panel session about the common issues for schools during the summer. Agents will then talk in groups about difficulties they face.

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Lana Foster

Why you should choose an AEGIS accredited guardianship with Lana Foster

The extensive government legislation around housing people’s dogs will be compared with possible legislation for opening a guardianship company, which does not currently exist.

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Andy Buckland

An evolving region: The Middle East with Andy Buckland

The evolution of the Middle Eastern market in recent years will be examined with discussions on tapping in to new trends and the fast-growing social media movement.

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Patrik New

Where is the UK Headed? Reflecting on 2018 to Outline Possible Development with Patrik Pavlacic

Take a step back to reflect on major developments in 2018 and find out where growth opportunities lie for the UK education sector.

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Liz McLaren

Choosing the UK for quality: understanding accreditation with Liz McLaren

Learn about the Accreditation UK inspection criteria with Liz McLaren.

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Nichola + Pat

Visas and the EU with Nichola Carter and Pat Saini

The situation surrounding visas and the EU will be discussed in this seminar.

More details coming soon


Getting the most out of StudyWorld with Tim Barker

An interactive session to help StudyWorld guests new and old prepare to make every meeting matter.

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Ricky Sharma

Beyond Three and a Tree: the Evolution of Branding and Marketing at EC English with Ricky Sharma

Discover the techniques used by EC to break marketing clichés and differentiate themselves from their competition.

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Lead5050 panel: Are Women’s Organisations and Events Helpful or Harmful to our Industry?

Raising gender equality is tricky. It makes some people uncomfortable or even annoyed. Tricky or not, Lead5050 will address this with a panel session at StudyWorld.

More details coming soon.

Igor Skibickij

China Agency Market 2019: What to Expect and How to Benefit with Igor Skibickij

Discover the latest findings from a nation-wide Chinese agency market survey. Find out what educators should focus on when dealing with Chinese agencies to make the most of their partnerships.

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Patrik New

Towards Maturity: State of UK Student Accommodation Market with Patrik Pavlacic

As the top destination for international students in Europe, does the existing bed supply meet demand for accommodation in the UK? Evaluate the market and future trends in this seminar.

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Michele da Silva

Outsourcing Student Accommodation to Agencies with Michele Da Silva

Gain insight into how an accommodation agency can help language schools and agents avoid the headache of recruiting host families.

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Celynn Morin Zoomed

Performance Chemistry with Celynn Morin

Discover practical tools to enhance your performance, manage fatigue and boost energy levels with registered dietitian Celynn Morin.

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More seminars to be announced soon…

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