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How do I schedule StudyWorld meetings?

We use an easy-to-use online meeting scheduler called Marcom eSchedule PRO, to ensure you have the best experience before, during and after StudyWorld.

The scheduler gives you full details about other delegates, so you can meet the people that best match your event objectives. Using the advanced search, you can filter the delegate list according to your business needs, and send meeting requests to the people you want to meet.

You have full control over who you meet and when. You can accept or decline incoming meeting requests, and send messages within the system.

When can I start scheduling meetings?

Get the best out of StudyWorld by sending and accepting meeting requests as soon as the system goes live.

Registered delegates with meeting schedules will receive login details before StudyWorld to complete your event profile and upload a photo.

Your schedule will include 42 slots for one-to-one meetings. Each meeting is 20 minutes long, with a bell to signal the end. We encourage you to continue your conversations during lunch and networking events.

With Marcom eSchedule PRO you can:

Have full control over who you meet and when
Get detailed information on all registered participants
Use filtering to choose participants by programmes of interest and market
Download lists of participants to Excel or PDF
Access your eSchedule wherever you are, at any time of the day or night
View colleagues’ schedules and join/transfer meetings
Save time scheduling meetings. Schedule meetings in two clicks via PC or smartphone.

Once the appointment scheduling process ends on Marcom eSchedule PRO, participants can continue to schedule last-minute meetings via Marcom Onsite during the event.

With Marcom Onsite you can:

Schedule last-minute meetings (opt-in required)
View all meetings made via Marcom eSchedule PRO
Stay connected at all times during the event
Take private notes on any devices
Optimise schedule to further improve ROI
Send messages to other participants
Take notes in offline mode


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