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What do you want to see after StudyWorld?

Agents love our Fam Trips. Why? Because they leave the hotel just after the last appointment at StudyWorld, which makes them very easy. And also because they are a great chance to see some of the best schools and colleges for yourself.

We’re still fixing up this year’s Fam Trips, but they’re looking good. We think we might take agents to Brighton and Bournemouth, and to London, Scotland and the South West. There might be a trip to Ireland, and there are a few more we’re still talking about with schools (they’re pretty exciting).

So we thought it would be fun for you to vote on where you’d like to go. We’re asking agents to vote on Twitter, using the hashtag #swfamtrip. We’ll count up the votes over the next week and tell the schools who offer the trips what most agents would like to do. We can’t promise anything, but it will be interesting to find out what’s most popular…


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