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The team are on the road again…

…so if you’re joining us at the English UK Fair in Antalya next week, do make sure you talk to us about StudyWorld London 2015.

Siobhan Baccas, StudyWorld organiser, will be able to answer any questions you’ve got about the event, as will English UK International team colleagues Roz Rozidor and Laura Underwood.

Also, if you like our English UK Fairs, you’re likely to find StudyWorld a very useful event for you as well. It’s on a bigger scale, with around 850 delegates, but educators and agents always tell us that they find it a very friendly event.

Apart from the size, there are many other similarities with the English UK Fairs. We screen all participants for quality, we give you the market’s best appointments software to give you full control over your meetings, and we include a high-quality social programme so that you can continue your day’s work with well-organised networking events.

Even if you’re not in Antalya, we’d love to hear from you if you have any questions about StudyWorld. Do get in touch at


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