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StudyWorld Educator Experience: Small Business

StudyWorld educator experience: small business

Last year we introduced new, innovative new ways to for educators to attend StudyWorld, including attending for one day without a table. This flexibility proved ideal for Amanda Selvaratnum, who runs a small business in York. Training Gateway is a skills brokerage service that helps overseas organisations develop partnerships with UK education and training providers, and Amanda found her first ever StudyWorld very useful.

International trade advisors

“It was very useful predominantly because of the international trade advisors being there because I don’t do English training specifically and we want to have access to corporate and commercial clients.

“Having the international trade advisors there was really useful. They are real feet on the ground in terms of potential education opportunities in different areas of the world. If you can meet them all in the UK it’s a very good and cost-effective way of understanding the global market for education services and products you’re providing.

“I had back-to-back meetings for most of the day which again was great – the system was really easy and straightforward. You could decline and make appointments, you were meeting the people you wanted to meet, it was really good.”

Meet businesses genuinely interested in working with the UK

“An overview of the opportunities in the market from an expert who’s there on the ground with a role in education was primarily my take away. It was really good market research.

“It was an opportunity to meet businesses genuinely interested in working with the UK. You know they are because they’ve made the effort to come over to have meetings. And – you’re working an already warmed-up contact which is so valuable.

“You’ve got to convince them you are the right supplier, not that the UK is great and they should work with the UK. All you’ve got to do is identify that you are the right partner for them.”

It’s nice that you can attend for one day, without a table

“[I didn’t have a table] and that was better for me. There were lots of opportunities for appointments and that way you can go around and visit people on other tables. That was better than being in the same place all the time, especially as it was only me there.”

“I think it’s probably nice to have two days there but it’s a lot of time out for me, a small business. It’s nice that you can attend for one day and achieve a great deal. That flexible registration process where you can pick and choose is really useful.

“I couldn’t justify two days but to come down for one, and really work my socks off, works for me.”

A layout that doesn’t forget anyone

“It was so well organised and it was a great venue. It was nicely spread out you had the opportunity to walk through. People were walking through so there was no area where you thought you’re a bit stuck and nobody’s going to wander past. Nobody was on that one table around a corner that everyone misses. The venue and layout were really well done.”

What about follow-ups?

“I have had useful follow-ups with commercial officers, but in terms of actual business, I don’t think we have yet.

“Because it was our first time I didn’t take advantage of seeing people who might have had business opportunities for me. I would do if I came again. My main interest was actually getting hold of the commercial officers and speaking to them. But I think next time I’ll have some more meetings with clients who have genuine corporate training interests.”

“I’d definitely consider coming again.”

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