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Be quick, and save money!

Educators – if you haven’t already booked for StudyWorld 2015, save yourself lots of money by doing it before 8 December.

That’s our Advance Early Bird deadline, and after that prices will rise to our Early Bird rate.

The Early Bird is also a big saving on the full rate, but educators are sensible people: why pay hundreds of pounds more later, when you could just book your table now?

The full price list is here if you want to have more of a think about it, but in short you’re saving GBP 400 (GBP 500 for English UK member centres) if you book now rather than at the full rate which is effective from 23 March. And every education institution can find useful things to do with that amount of money.

So please don’t hang around – take advantage of our advance early bird rate, and come to the world’s leading agent fair from as little as GBP 2,030 (for English UK members) or GBP 2,650 for other educators. We really want you to come – and enjoy the best possible deal.


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