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A new approach to word of mouth marketing with Jacqueline Kassteen

Word of mouth is one of the most cited sources in recruitment. But founder of ICEF Monitor, Jacqueline Kassteen, will show us a new, under-utilised route at her StudyWorld seminar this September.

“Influencers, such as high profile bloggers and vloggers, often specialise in niche topics,” she explains. “These can serve specific student populations well, and many are young, Generation Z, making them an ideal avenue for gaining mindshare amongst aspiring students.”

Drawing on over 15 years of marketing experience in international education, student travel, publishing and lead generation, Jacqueline will will show you how to build brand awareness by using influencers at the start of the recruitment funnel. She will share examples, showing how influencers can help recruitment, and give practical tips and techniques to help you work with them.

Through both presentation and interactive mini-discussions, this StudyWorld seminar will:

  • Explain what influencers are and how they differ from student ambassadors and brand champions.
  • Review different types of influencers, and emphasise their power and reach.
  • Share a variety of tactics and techniques that institutions can use to find influencers and create a relationship with them.

Seminars are a key element of StudyWorld. We encourage all our delegates to attend seminars, including the plenary session on Tuesday afternoon to hear our keynote speaker.

You can also find out where the UK stands as a study destination compared to its competitors globally; how to improve the customer experience with ‘design thinking’; how to create a 21st century education system; and much more…

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