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Improving the student experience with StudyWorld seminars

From carefully selected accommodation and facilitating global university applications, to thinking like a designer to improve the user journey, StudyWorld seminars will cover different aspects of the student experience in international education.

Carelessly chosen accommodation, can impact a student’s whole experience, says James Herbertson, director of London Nest. “For schools and agents, accommodation may not be the main event, but for a student, it’s the foundation of the whole study abroad experience. A bad accommodation experience will cloud a good educational one,” James explains. On the other hand, getting it right means good reviews and future bookings.

James will share London Nest’s research into national preferences; discuss how to create community; and will conclude with recommendations for both schools and agents on how to successfully match students with accommodation.

There is also an increasing need to help students navigate globalised education, facilitating their applications to universities around the world. “Students coming to the UK for their education are in a prime position to access some of the world’s foremost universities, not only in the UK but across the globe,” says David Hawkins, an international university advisor, who specialises in university application support.

“This puts pressure on schools and agents to facilitate this for them,” he adds. David will distil years of experience of helping students apply to universities in multiple countries with varying deadlines, requirements and processes into top tips for schools and agents.

Really empathising with every step in the customer experience can be the key to improving processes and products. “When we are told to ‘innovate’, it’s often difficult to know where to start,” says Hannah Alexander-Wright. Hannah is a freelance marketing and business development professional, trainer and coach.

“By thinking more like designers who focus on what customers need, we can identify where we need to innovate,” she explains. “I will introduce this theory and how you can improve your customers’ experiences by breaking down their journey to really empathise with them.”

StudyWorld seminars are a key part of the experience. We encourage all our delegates to attend seminars, including the plenary session on Tuesday afternoon to hear our keynote speaker.

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