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Find yourself some new relationships this Valentine’s Day (red roses not necessary)

With St Valentine’s Day this weekend, it’s time to think about relationships. Is the fun and trust still there? Do you understand each other? Do you need to make time to talk? Or is it time to start looking for other people to see?

We’re talking about your professional relationships, of course, not your love life.

StudyWorld is a great opportunity to put the spark back into those relationships. With 35 appointments in two days and lots of social networking, there is plenty of time to make new friends and meet old ones.

We’ve checked out everyone you’ll meet, to make sure they’re working professionals who are serious about what they do. So all you have to do is register, make sure you make those appointments on Marcom eSchedule PRO as soon as you can, and turn up in London with a big smile and your business cards.

You don’t need to bring red roses. But if you book before our Early Bird deals expire (in March for educators, April for agents), you could afford several bouquets with the money you’ll save.

Siobhan Small

Siobhán, our events manager, manages all operations and logistics for English UK's UK-based events.

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