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Calling all UK and European educators!

It’s time to think seriously about post StudyWorld Fam Trips, which are a crucial part of the experience for many agents and can really sell what you have to offer.

This year, we’d like to respond to agent demand by running our Fam Trips in a slightly different format.

We’ve noticed a shift in popularity from trips covering a region to those covering some kind of educational specialism, and would like to see educators making the most of this. So we’re suggesting that educators group together primarily according to services you offer, rather than where you’re based (although it still makes sense to plan a trip in a comparatively small area, rather than visiting centres hundreds of miles from each other)

We would welcome at least one trip focusing on young learners’ courses, and we’ve also had interest from agents who would like to understand more about what boarding schools have to offer. Business English trips are usually popular as well, and we suspect packages built around FE colleges or higher education would also be of interest.

Clearly, there’s still a place for trips with a regional focus, but we suggest that all educators interested in putting together or joining a Fam Trip explore other ideas first, and try to include some unique selling points in their offer.

  • If you would like more information on this, or to talk it through with a member of the team, please email

Siobhan Small

Siobhán, our events manager, manages all operations and logistics for English UK's UK-based events.

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