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Market session – Brazil

Market session - Brazil

Eduardo Heidemann & Maura Leao

Join this session for an overview of the Brazilian market, attitudes to travel, and the chance to ask your questions to a panel.

Eduardo Heidemann, TravelMate
Co-Founder of TravelMate Intercambio and currently the Operations Director at the company. Travelmate started back in 2002, has 60 offices across Brazil and has already assisted more than 25.000 people to study abroad and travel the world! I graduated in International Business at UFPR and I also studied Marketing, Management and Law as post degree programmes at FGV and Univali. Before TravelMate I worked in the marketing and international business area of multinational companies like IBM, Siemens and Hettich. I also was an international student in Australia and worked as an expat in Germany. I love to study and travel, and it´s even better when you can combine both, that's why I have already travelled to 35 different countries and today I work helping people to study and travel abroad.

Maura Leao, BELTA/ Yazigi Travel
Maura de Araújo Leão, co-founder in 2002 and CEO of Yázigi Travel, presently the President of Belta (Brazilian Education & Language Travel Association) for the triennium 2018 - 2021, and Vice President of Felca (The Federation of Education and Language Consultant Associations) for the four-year period 2019 – 2022. Translator and interpreter, she has worked in several areas of the São Paulo State Department of Education and the University of São Paulo. Founder of Esfera Escola Internacional in 2005, an IB Primary and Middle school, she has implemented the exchange programmes since its foundation, having been one of its maintainers until November 2015. With extensive experience in the exchange area since her participation as a fellow of the American Field Service in the 70's, Maura has lived in the USA and Germany having visited all continents. She is passionate about exchange programmes and has extensive international experience in the area of education.

Thu 00:00 - 00:00
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