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Incorporating Digital Collaboration Into The Agent-school Relationship

Incorporating digital collaboration into the agent-school relationship

Incorporating digital collaboration into the agent-school relationship

Richard Bradford & Edwina Jiang

As we bury 2020, lets also dump the idea once and for all that a school’s digital strategy means attracting direct students, and the analogue strategy is the agent channel. This is too simplistic and surely missing opportunities for recruitment. As we start 2021, Richard will look at why and how the agent-school relationship can be made more collaborative, for the benefit of both parties.   

Richard Bradford, Disquiet Dog
Richard Bradford is the MD of Disquiet Dog and has extensive experience of international digital marketing practice, particularly in the education and leisure sectors. Providing training and expertise, Disquiet Dog is a niche agency which works to empower you and your organisation to be more in control of your own digital destiny – and get a return on investment! Find out more at, follow them on LinkedIn or teach yourself with their regular blogs:

Edwina Jiang, Summit Education
Edwina Jiang graduated from Glion Institute of Higher Education, Switzerland and followed this with an 18-month management training programme job offer from London. Following six years working at three London ELT schools, she started her own education company in 2016.

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