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How to energise your sales team

How to energise your sales team

Nicola Lutz

January can be a loooong month, but let's face it, it feels longer after the year that was 2020.

So how can we add extra energy into our selling? How can we add oomph to our efforts? How can we keep our sales interactions positive and forward-facing?

Nicola ‘No Fluff’ Lutz will shine a beam of light and positivity, with some practical, fluff-free tips, techniques and take-aways to help do just this.

Speaker bio: Nicola is a sales coach and trainer, specialising in working with small and microbusinesses. She is a Director of StudyTravel and has been passionately working in our sector for over 25 years. Her company, No Fluff, promises ‘simple sales growth’, focusing on using the limited time clients have available for ‘sales’ and using it to best advantage. Sales credentials include CPD Accreditation membership, Fellowship of the Institute of Sales Management and numerous award nominations for Mentor of the Year.
Thu 00:00 - 00:00
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