Fam trips, receptions and fringe events

Fam trips and fringe events allow delegates to extend their networking beyond the StudyWorld programme.

In 2017 there were over ten fringe events and fam trips around StudyWorld, from dinners and parties to tours and CPD programmes.  Events were organised by ALTO, English UK London, Campus Living Villages, TSA English, English UK South West, Liverpool School of English and Mill Hill School.

Each year there are fam trips after StudyWorld, which offer agents firsthand experience of what the UK education sector has to offer in different regions. We encourage agents to participate in a fam trip or an institution visit while they are in the UK, to build their knowledge of the destinations and courses on offer, and see first hand what the UK education sector has to offer.

If you would like your 2018 event or fam trip to be included on this page, please email details to info@studyworldfair.com.