Who organises StudyWorld? English UK

Who organises StudyWorld?

English UK is the national trade association for accredited English language teaching providers in the UK. We strive to lead the UK ELT industry to success by supporting, representing and promoting our 450 members, and pursuing excellence in all aspects of English language teaching.

This specialisation in the English language places English UK at the heart of international UK education.

We encourage the industry’s best to collaborate, bringing quality educators, agents and buyers together at events like StudyWorld. We also recognise professionals who are working successfully with our member centres through our partner agency scheme. View the English UK team.

English UK

English UK is the national association of accredited English language centres in the United Kingdom. We are a UK registered charity with the key aim of advancing the education of international students in the English language, in the home of the English language.

To ensure students have the best possible experience learning English in the UK, we pursue excellence in all aspects of English language teaching and strive to create a welcoming environment for international students in the UK. We represent, support and promote our 450+ members and the UK ELT sector both at home and internationally.

With 450+ member centres ranging from small, family-run centres and boarding schools to international study centres and state universities and colleges, English UK has plenty to offer the world. We promote our members and the UK as a great study destination around the world and at inward missions, English UK fairs and StudyWorld London.

The Eddie Byers Scholarship

The Eddie Byers Scholarship has been created in memory of our late chief executive, Eddie Byers, to help aspiring students study English in the UK and further the association’s charitable mission of advancing the education of international students in the English language.

Find out more about the Eddie Byers Scholarship

English UK activities include


We work alone and with partners to lobby governments and other bodies for the benefit of the industry, students and our members.


Our annual programme covers management, teaching and marketing and industry issues.

Training Days

We raise standards in ELT centres through our specialist qualifications, wide-ranging training days for all members of staff, and CPD.

Marketing and promotions

We promote the UK as the world’s leading English Language Teaching destination through English UK fairs targeting different world regions, inward missions, and our innovative course finder.

Building partnerships

We also work with agents to raise standards and promote the UK as a destination through our Partner Agency scheme, which shares expertise and contacts with the very best agents.

How does English UK work with the world’s overseas agents, partners and buyers?

English UK Fairs: we bring regional agents and our member centres to a different luxury resort four times a year to build lasting partnerships
StudyWorld: our largest event, enabling UK education providers and suppliers to meet study abroad agents, tour operators and other partners
Inward missions: we showcase what our specialist or regional members have to offer
Our website: it includes the world’s biggest course finder for ELT courses, sections for agents and students (in 12 languages) and comprehensive information on studying in the UK

To read more about the British Council or accreditation visit the British Council website. For more on English UK, visit www.englishuk.com.